Fall TV Season So Far

This past week marked the first week of the new Fall television schedule. While not all shows had their season / series premieres, we did have several shows that returned or made the initial broadcasts. Here is my take on shows that I follow:


This past Monday saw the series premiere of Gotham, the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow, and the season premiere (and a bonus new episode) of the Big Bang Theory. Regarding Gotham, I was so blown away, I made a separate blog post about the premiere. Needless to say that I am going to be watching Gotham with great interest.

Sleepy Hollow had an interesting debut as it looked ike the series had done a time jump but they quickly explained what was going on and they continued the story arc that left us with a cliff hanger on the finale. I think this season should be quite interesting as there are a lot of places they can take the current story.

Big Bang Theory honestly disappointed me. The season premiere picked up the storyline that ended in the finale (which was a fairly weak story if you ask me as it was all about Sheldon having a midlife crisis so to speak). It wasnt that the premiere was bad, it just didnt wow me. I have come to love the Big Bang Theory and it typically makes me laugh but I dont think I laughed at all during the premiere or even the bonus new episode that was shown Monday night. They were alright but nowow factor.


Tuesday night had the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I am still uncertain whether or not I liked it. I have seen reviews that say the show is better than ever and Im not sure I can agree with that. I miss the action storylines. Although there was action, it just didnt feel right because it wasnt the same team as last year. Coulson is acting like Fury as I guess he is now the director and hes taken on Furys mysterious attitude which I didnt care for. Coulson was always a man of action, not just behind a desk so I dont like how he was in the first episode. May was good as she seems to be the leader of the team from an actiona stand point so to speak. Ward is now their prisoner and is acting like he wants to repent but does he really? Where was Hydra during this episode? They were mentioned and we saw some foreshadowing at the end but the lack of their big presence also made it seem off. Skye was now more action hero that computer geek like she was last year and that seemed a bit off as well. I can understand she was trained by May after what happened in season one but it just felt a bit forced. Fitz flew over the cuckoos nest after what happened to him in the season finale and we find out, at the end, that Jemma really isnt there (where is she by the way) but just a figment of Fitzimagination. Im not giving up on the show but I hope they take it in a better direction and fast.

The Agent Carter beginning was awesome though and I did like Lucy Lawless on the show. Cant say I really liked her character but seeing Lucy Lawless is always great!


The Wednesday comedies I follow also premiered on Wednesday: The Middle and Modern Family. Like the Big Bang Theory I was left diappointed. I just didnt find myself laughing like I normally do. I almost think it is time for the Middle to end. Im not sure how much longer I can watch this hardluck family and their bad luck. Modern Family also seemed flat to me. Southpark also had a new episode Wednesday night and it was completely and utterly LAME. What used to be witty is now seeming forced.

The other show that premiered today (Sunday) is Marvels Avengers Assemble which had a better storyline that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in my opinion as they storyline is about Thanos and we even had Hydra agents in the show. It seems that they are setting us up for a great storyline arc. Earlier this month Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors season premiere debuted on Disney XD and has a great storyline about young superheroes that Spidey is helping S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit and train.

Tonight is the season premiere of Once Upon A Time which I am more than excited about. Im also awaiting premieres for the Originals, the Vampire Diaries, the Flash, Arrow, Grimm, Constantine, and Mighty Med (my new favorite guilty pleasure on Disney XD).