Goodbye & Good Riddance to February

P1030902 - Version 2

Jace & Maleficient from Villain’s Sinister Soire in October 2014

I have heard this sentiment echoed on several social media sites and I have to agree: GOODBYE FEBRUARY 2015 and GOOD RIDDANCE! February was one of the more challenging months that I have had in a while. For the last three weeks I have not felt like myself. I can’t say that I had any major illness but I have felt run down and even a bit depressed. I have had minor colds throughout the month as well and I even took a sick day at work one day (which is something I rarely do). All of these factors, when combined with the normal stresses of everyday life threw me out of my rhythm. Normally I go to the gym at least six days a week and there were weeks I didn’t go to the gym at all. I also found myself not eating right and the result was I gained some weight. Now mind you, I gained slightly over 4 pounds which in the bigger realm is nothing but when you have lost over 100 pounds, any gain makes you feel bad. Add all of this together and I have found myself somewhat depressed to which I have been saying that I have succumbed to the winter blues.

But today is March 1st! In reality it is just another day but there is something magical and special about being able to flip the page on a calendar and look out on a new month as a fresh start. March should also mark a change in the weather with sunnier skies and less snow in the forecast. Atlhough the interesting thing is I am not supposed to be home right now…I had ticket to the Reading Royals tonight but Mother Nature decided to dump snow and ice on us. So I am missing the game tonight. So March, I’m letting you have this day but this better be it for the snow (or as I’m calling it the white crap at this point). So this weather has given me a day at home, although I did make it to the gym this morning before it started.

This day at home has allowed me to take a nap (yay, who doesnt love naps!) and now Im watching hockey on tv. And the best part is my favorite show on TV, "Once Upon A Time", returns with new episodes tonight at 8 PM EST after a 1 hour special recap show at 7 PM EST. The new storyline focuses on villains and they are introducing Cruella, Ursula, andMaleficent. In honor of this, I have posted my picture with Mlaeficent from the Villains Sinister Soire at Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party this past October. So I can begin my Sunday night tradition again which is where I make my low calorie pizza and have it while watchingOnce Upon A Time. So thats one good thing that March brings.

Also on the horizon is my return to Walt Disney World! People tell me all the time that I go to Disney too much but I havent been there since December. Now I know people might be thinking,boo hoo, hasnt been there since December”. And yes to be honest, three months without Disney isnt really that bad but to me Disney is my escape from reality. It is where I go to de-stress and going three months without that major help has effected me I believe. But woe is me but in 12 days I will be back! I will be headed down for a long weekend beginning Friday, March 13th. I will be there until the evening of Monday, March 16th. This trip is to visit EPCOTs Flower and Garden Festival which is a favorite of mine and I attend every year. So this is another reason to be happy March is here. As I have for the last few Disney trips, I will be live blogging my trip at and will be posting pictures here and on our social media sites.

April will be even more of a reason to celebrate as I will be going to the West Coast for the first time! I will be attending Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim and since Im there, I will also be going to Disneyland for the first time! In addition, Baseball season will start while we move into hockey playoffs so I will be able to experience my two favorite sports at the same time. I love Spring and Fall for so many reasons, including the great weather, but it is the two times that hockey and baseball overlap which gives me a lot of fun nights at ballparks and stadiums.

Speaking of sports, this was the inagural season of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers. The team plays about 20 minutes from where I live and so I purchased season tickets. I have been tweeting during games but also created a sport blog where I cover the Phantoms as well as the Reading Royals when I go to those games. I will also talk about the Iron Pigs on that site when baseball season begins. If you like my sports stuff, please be sure to give me a visit over there.

So in conclusion, February is now a memory but a lot to look forward to in March. Have a great week and be sure to give us a follow at our social media sites (links in sidebar).