Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been on my must-see list of movies since it came out but circumstances lead me to not see it right away. Fortunately today (July 13, 2014) I was able to see the movie before its run ended. I should preface this review by saying how I became a fan of the franchise. One of my favorite places to watch summer movies is the local drive-in movie theater where you get a double feature for the price of matinee at most movie theaters. I don’t recall what the second film was, but I went with a friend to the drive-in to see a movie and the original“How to Train Your Dragon”was the co-feature. I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t really care to see the movie but it didn’t bother me either. It ended up that not only did I like the movie, but I like it more than the movie I went to the drive in with the intention of seeing!

After enjoying the movie, I then began watching the TV series that aired on Cartoon Network. As of the writing of this review, two seasons of the show have aired. I have enjoyed the TV series as well so when the sequel came out…I had to see it.

Here is my review of the movie and since it contains spoilers…I have added a


The movie starts off by showing that the characters have been aged a bit. Hiccup is said to be 20 years old and it seems his relationship with Astrid has progressed as Stoick says that she will be his“future daughter-in-law”. While this isn’t the actual case, it shows that Hiccup and Astrid do have some form of a relationship now.

We learn that Stoick plans on retiring and wants Hiccup to take over as Chief of Berk. This is not something that Hiccup is looking forward to as he tells Astrid that he doesn’t even know who he really is yet. We see that Hiccup has been riding Toothless and mapping out previously unknown islands and civilizations. In his adventures he finds a group that traps dragons and hands them over to an evil warlord named Drago who is building a dragon army. We later learn that Drago had previously met with the chiefs, including Stoick, and had said he would protect them from the dragons if they would bow down to him. When the chiefs refused, he unleashed his dragon army on the chiefs and only Stoick survived.

Stoick wants to lock Berk down and prepare for the attack from Drago but Hiccup disobeys and sets off to find Drago with the intention of convincing him to not enslave the dragons. Astrid follows Hiccup but after they are separated Hiccup comes across a refuge area for dragons among whom is living a woman. This woman turns out to be Hiccup’s mother! Thought dead from a dragon attack on Berk when Hiccup was a baby, Hiccup’s mother left with the dragons. She explains that Stoick and the rest of Berk wanted to kill the dragons which she didn’t agree with and since she was living among the dragons she thought Stoick and Hiccup would be safer without her. On this island we learn of the alpha dragons which are huge dragons that can control other dragons. Hiccup’s mother lives along with one of the alpha dragons who is good and they live in peace with many, many dragons.

Looking for Hiccup, Stoick stumbles upon this dragon island and now sees his wife that he thought was dead. Instead of being angry or upset he embraces his wife and they reconcile. Unfortunately Drago captures Astrid and the other dragon riders from Berk and attacks the dragon island. Drago has his own alpha dragon who attacks the alpha dragon that is on Hiccup’s mother’s island and Drago’s alpha wins by killing the other alpha. The evil alpha hypnotizes Toothless and orders him to kill Hiccup. Seeing the blast coming Stoick pushes Hiccup out of the way and takes the blast. Stoick, dies saving Hiccup.

Drago, with the help of his alpha dragon, take all of the dragons from the riders from Berk and all of the dragons from the island. He says he intends to go to Berk and conquer them. After a funeral for Stoick the team flies to Berk riding baby dragons. Since baby dragons don’t obey anyone, they weren’t effected by the hypnotizing of the alpha dragon. Once they get to Berk, Hiccup connects with Toothless, who is still under the Alpha’s spell, and Hiccup breaks through and pulls Toothless out of his spell. When the Alpha tries to kill Hiccup, Toothless transforms showing a blue glow and he takes on the Alpha breaking the Alpha’s spell on all of the other dragons. The dragons then side with Toothless making Toothless the new alpha and they defeat Drago and his Alpha.

Berk then welcomes Hiccup as their new chief. The movie ends with Hiccup doing a voice-over of how they are rebuilding Berk.

I thought the movie was fantastic! I am not ashamed to say that when Stoick died I had tears in my eyes. The scene was quite emotional and very well done. The storyline was terrific and well done. I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it.