Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

This afternoon a friend suggested going to the movies, which I was up for but when they suggested “Transformers: Age of Extinction” I was bit leary as I have read some not so great reviews about the film. But preferring to make my own judgements, I went along with seeing the movie especially since I have seen the previous three movies. Since we are over the whole 3D craze, we saw the movie in 2D and thus saved some money.

As expected, there were a LOT of previous before the movie (about 20 minutes worth) which made this movie seem even longer as it was listed as over 2 1/2 hours long. Noticeably different from the movie is its cast with Shia Lebeouf out and now Mark Wahlberg in the lead role. Fortunately it wasn’t a recast but instead a new character around whom the storyline revolved. The casting was a bit odd as they had Marky Mark playing a character who was supposed to be a poor, somewhat eccentric inventor who was a single father of a 17 year old girl. Mark is known for being in good physical shape and while this went well with the action of the movie, I don’t know many odd inventors who fit that type and watching him wear glasses and a welding apron during his inventing time was a bit comical—but oh well.

The beginning of the movie was slow….darn slow. I almost picked up my phone to text “snore” but figured that would be rude. There was a lot that could have been edited out of the beginning of the movie and still have the storyline intact. Speaking of story lines….this movie’s plot was weak at best and from this point on there are spoilers so I’m going to add a


OK, now that you’ve been warned….the plot centers on the US goverment, mostly the CIA, hunting down the Transformers after the events of the last movie. We learn that the government has disassociated itself with the autobots but is under the impression that the CIA is only hunting decepticons. This is not true…the leader of the project is hunting down autobots with the help of a transformer who we actually don’t know where he came from. It is later revealed that the creators of the transformers have basically hired this transformer to hunt down Optimus Prime. So he basically has a bounty on his head.

Seemingly unknown to the government, the leader of the transformer hunting party (played by Kelsey Grammar) is giving the bodies of the transformers he has killed to a technology company where he has a secret deal. They take the material from which the transformers are made (called transformium) and begin building their own transformers as they have learned to chemical compound and process to make the material transform. They harvest this element from the dead transformers as well as they found a crashed ship in the arctic from the time of dinosaurs. This goes on to say that the dinosaurs were not killed by a meteor as we have all thought but instead early transformers used a seed bomb to change the atomospher of earth in an attempt to make this planet theirs. Where that went, I have no idea as this part of the storyline was sketchy to me. But they are harvesting the material from a crashed ship they found as well.

The CIA agent played by Kelsey Grammar has a deal with this tech company that once they have enough to make their own army of transformers, he is going to retire from the government and get a job (with a big stock ownership) in the company. Going back to Marky Mark…since he is an odd inventor he seemingly also is one of the American Pickers as he and one of his employees go to an old movie theater to pick through any materials that are there. In the movie theater they find a truck and they buy that. That truck turns out to be Optimus Prime. The government agent figures out that Marky Mark has Optimus Prime and we see some dastardly attempts to get Prime but they get away leading to a big chase where we find out that the inventors daughter has a boyfriend who is from Texas but has an Irish accent (never quite fully got that one either except that they refer to him as “Lucky Charms” several times) and he’s a race car driver so he helps them escape.

So blah blah, typica chase scenes and the Optimus finds what is left of the autobots and they go on to find have a battle with the CIA agents along with this mystery transformer. Eventually this transformer captures Optimus with the help of the CIA and we learn of another deception. The transformer, as payment, gives one of those seed bombs to Kelsey Grammar’s character. They think they are going to use the seed to transform a remote area of the world so they can harvest more of the transformer material. But here’s yet another twist…where did they get a big source of transformer from. Yeah its Megatron and he’s still awake and really in control of himself and this transformer army that they are building. So yeah…blah blah big war, this time in Hong Kong. In the end the good guys win with the help of old transformers who are prisoners on the bounty hunter transformer’s ship who transform into dinosaurs (I remember those from the cartoon as a kid). It ends with Optimus Prime going into outerspace to find these creators so he can have his revenge.

So it looks like we are in store for yet another installment of this franchise that should have ended after the last movie. So in sum…this movie, in my humble opinion, was wretched. I was so bored that I kept muttering to myself that I wanted my money back. Oh well…but hey the special effects are cool.