Television Review: GOTHAM

I will be honest when I saw that I wasn’t sure how Gotham would turn out. For the first place, the network airing Gotham was to be FOX and that network, in my opinion, does not have a good track record with this type of show (need I bring up the show Firefly). Further I wasn’t quite sure how well a prequel to the Batman saga would do. Intrigued by how it would turn out, I set my DVR to record the show this past Monday (September 22, 2014). I did not have a chance to watch the show live and it has been sitting on my DVR for almost a week now. I decided to watch the show, uninterrupted today.

And after watching the series premiere episodeI have to say I was blown away! First lets talk about the casting. The actor who was cast to be James Gordon absolutely nailed it. After so many good actors who have portrayed the character of James Gordon, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this actor did such a fine job of portraying the character. He captured the intensity and genuineness of the character. The actress cast to play the future Barbara Gordon is absolutley gorgeous and Im happy to see that this character is getting some air time as we dont know a tremendous amount about Gordons wife. It also seems that she has some sort of past and Im curious to see what that might be and how it plays out.

The numerous cameos were also great.meeting Edward Nigma, a young girl named Ivey, having Oswald Cobblepot as one of the guys working for Fish Mooney.all great cameos that point to the future. And to have Selina Kyle floating around the scenes and having her as a witness to the murder of Bruce Waynes parents is also interesting forecasting. Other cameos, including Carmine Falcone, and the casting of Harvey Bullock and having Alfred part of the show make this program on par with the Batman saga.

But the most amazing part was the amazing actingthe only actor with whom I was really familiar with was Jada Pinkett Smith and she portrayed Fish Mooney very well but the rest of the actors were amazing as well. Even the way the show is filmed is amazingin this day and age of HD tv, shows on television look more like movies but the filmography of the pilot seemed to be done even more well done than normal HD shows.

The most touching parts of the show, to me, were the scenes between young Bruce Wayne and James Gordon. It goes to show exactly why Batman trusts Gordon. To sum up my thoughts on the show: A+ and I can’t wait to see the next episode which I will be sure to catch live.