The Big Weekend Has Begun


I will be going to visit the Phanatic on Sunday!

I will admit that when it comes to birthdays I am like a little kid and even though today is the big 37, I still feel like a kid. I'm so excited that I have been up since 2:45 AM today as I have a really exciting weekend planned. This morning I am going on a bus trip with family and friends to Washington D.C. We are visiting the monuments and other historic sites of our nation's capital. The trip is ending with a dinner at an Italian restaurant (my favorite). It will be a long day and then Sunday my dad and I are taking a bus trip to see the Phillies. I haven't been down to see the Phils play yet this season and with all of the call ups from the Iron Pigs, I'm really excited to see the team.

My birthday weekend actually had an early start as Friday night my family and I got take-out (I am taking 2 days off of counting points) and I had stromboli, mozzarella sticks, and some soft ice cream. I then opened presents and, once again, my family was way too good to me. I got three more of the Hawthorne Villa Star Wars sets and they are fantastic. 1 is of the AT-AT on Hoth from ESB, Jabba's palace and throne from ROTJ, and Yoda's hut on Degobah from ESB. I also got a Peanuts snow globe that plays happy birthday and several Hallmark Star Wars items including the pad and pen set that plays lightsaber sounds every time you take the pen out or put it back in the holder.

I mentioned that I am not really watching what I eat for 2 days of my birthday but that doesn't mean I'm going hog wild. I'm still being smart about what I do and don't eat but I am being a little bit more liberal. This week at my Weight Watcher's weigh-in, I lost another .4 pounds. I'm somewhat bummed that my losses aren't bigger but they are still losses. My grand total lost since June 2012 is now 55 pounds and I'm about 14 pounds from the goal weight my doctor set for me. So I can't be unhappy about that.

I am now off to get ready for today's trip. I will be posting pictures throughout the day on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow me: Jacen736 for both as well as the Facebook page for this site: