The Outland Cantina is the result of a series of message boards and groups that go back to 2003. While posting on several Star Wars message boards, I met others with similar interests. After a few months of posting and doing RPs at several sites, I decided to open my own board butwasn't sure what to call the new board. All I knew was that I wanted the terms Outland and Cantina as I thought Outland sounded like a cross between Outbound Flight and the Outrider. And the Cantina, of course, is where all the denizens met to meet and gossip in the Star Wars universe. So for a lack of better creativity on my part, the site was named Jacen's Outland Cantina or JOC.

JOC had a great run and we had a lot of fun including the creation of the Vero Order RP line. After a while, we decided to revamp JOC a bit and changed its name to Across the Stars (ATS) after one of our RP lines. ATS continued the Vero and ATS RP lines as well as our crazy discussions. But all good things must come to an end. With real life bearing down on me, I was not able to remain committed to posting or being online much. Therefore, after much contemplation, I decided to close down JOC/ATS for good.

Wanting to continue the RP and fan fictions, we moved these lines to this website and added the additional content that you see now. We've also created a yahoo group called Shadows in the Force which is where general discussions take place.