Cape May Cafe & EPCOT: October 6 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014 was EPCOT for us but first we had a character breakfast at Cape May Cafe. We set out for Hollywood Studios to catch the boat to Beach Club for the breakfast. It was then that we received some Disney magical treatment. We took a bus from Saratoga Springs to Hollywood Studios with the intention of taking the boat from Hollywood Studios to the Beach Club for breakfast at Cape May Cafe. Our bus driver must be new as he had another cast member training him. We were the last people off the bus and as we exited the trainer wished us a good day at the Studios. I smiled and said it will be a short trip since we are going to breakfast.

The trainer pulled me aside and asked where we were going. I told him and he got on his radio and spoke with dispatch. He got the ok to drive us directly to the Beach Club! He said he route was slow this morning and this would only take him 3 minutes.

We got to the restaurant in record time and the trainer talked with us on the trip over as he has been a cast member for a while and shared some of his experiences. It was truly magical!

After coming to EPCOT I got a picture if the Food & Wine Festival Mickey Mouse and then headed to Test Track. The wait was 65 mins so I rode as a single rider since that was only a 10 minute wait.

After riding Test Track, we did some window shopping at Mouse Gears. We then walked right on Mission: Space green team.

As we were walking by Chip and Dale were out so we got our pictures taken with them. It was then on to Journey into Imagination with Figment. There was actually a 10 min wait for this attraction. I heard that there is a possibility of a refurbishment and the Figment comic book may play a part in it insomuch as if there is still an interest in Dream Finder, he may return! I hope this is the case and that we also get a return of Figment Meet and Greets.

Next was the classic: Captain EO. There was not much of a crowd there for the show but a few more trickled in as the pre-show went on. After Captain EO we used our fast pass for Spaceship Earth. The standby wait time was 25 minutes so was a good use of fast pass.

We took a quick break at Club Cool and got one of the free samples of soda. From there we headed over to World Showcase to meet my favorite teddy bear: Duffy. Duffy was wearing his pumpkin Halloween outfit.

Next we walked back into World Showcase with the intention of finding Mulan but while walking past the Mexico pavilion we found Donald Duck and so we stopped for a picture. It was then on to the China pavilion where we did get our pictures with Mulan.

It was then on to use our Fastpass for Soarin’ which is always a must do. I’m hearing that this might go down for a refurbishment with them changing it to flying over Florida.

Next we headed to Innoventions for the Chase Visa Character Meet and Greet. This is always a surprise meeting with characters but for me I usually get Minnie and Pluto. The mystery characters at the Chase photo spot turned out to be Mickey Mouse and Goofy! This was a great change.

From there I spent the rest of my day in EPCOT visiting characters. My first stop was the United Kingdom pavilion where I met Winnie the Pooh & Tigger at Christopher Robin’s room. From there it was over to the France pavilion where I met Belle and then later Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

It was then back to the United Kingdom pavilion to meet Mary Poppins before heading to the Germany pavilion for Snow White. They even have birds chirping sounds when Snow White is out.

Next it was back to the UK pavilion for Alice in Wonderland. Lastly in the Morocco pavilion I met Jasmine and Aladdin. Needless to say I logged a lot of miles cross crossing EPCOT to meet and get photos with all of these characters. So I was tired when I finished all of that.

I decided to call it a night but before heading out I got my complimentary photographs from the Chase Character spot. While there I saw my favorite photographer, Catherine, who I have seen many times when she was taking photos of Duffy. Although she wasn’t with Duffy today, she did recognize and remember me which was really cool.

On my way out I got a picture taken I front of Spaceship Earth as they had the decorations up for the Food and Wine Festival. It was then back to Saratoga Springs to rest and have dinner.