Cape May Cafe & EPCOT October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012 was a very busy day for us at Walt Disney World as we started our day with a character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe. This character breakfast, which is located at the Beach Club, features Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy who come around and greet patrons at their table. Each of the characters are really nice and they pose for pictures and it is always a really good time.

Since the Beach Club is located along the boardwalk, we walked to EPCOT entering the park at the World Showcase entrance even though World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 AM. Our first course of action was to walk to “The Land” area to get fast passes for Soarin’. The area was packed! Soarin’ had a huge wait time and there were even long lines for fast passes. Even the Living with the Land attraction had a very long wait time. We grabbed our fast passes and decided to walk over to the Seas with Nemo and Friends. There was a line for this attraction but it moved quickly. We spent a decent amount of time in the Seas going through the aquarium-like center taking photos of the dolphins and other marine creatures that are in this area of EPCOT.

The Universe of Energy was our next stop. This ride, which features Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye the Science Guy, with cameos from Jamie Lee Curtis and Alex Trebek is an oldie but goodie for us. With the new camera I was able to get a few pictures of the dinosaurs in the ride portion of the attraction.

The Food and Wine Festival is currently underway in EPCOT and the headquarters for the festival is in the pavilion that used to host Wonders of Life (located next to Universe of Energy). This pavilion doesn’t host attractions any longer but has been utilized also during the flower and garden festival and like that festival, it had several areas for demonstrations for the Food and Wine Festival. Of interest there was an area where Ghirardelli Chocolates has a booth set up where they are giving samples and have products to purchase. Next to that area is the Chase Lounge which was a lounge set aside for anyone who has a Chase card. Inside they had complimentary beverages, a charge station for your portable electronic devices, games / cartoons, chairs, and Werther’s candies. They were offering advanced seating to the concert that night which was “Starship” and reserved seating for “Illuminations”.

We then made our way to World Showcase which was packed with people. Aside from the countries that are normally represented there were outdoor stations throughout World Showcase representing even more countries selling beverages and food representative of that particular country. I walked to Norway and purchased my favorite cologne “Geir”. We also walked around the German pavilion and looked at the crystal and glass Disney ornaments and decorations which are always amazing.

It was then time to head back to the Land and go on Soarin‘ with our fast pass. Soarin‘ is an amazing ride that simulates flying over various landmarks on your way to California. As you fly over the pine forests you can smell the pine and the same with orange groves. This is an amazing attraction which is why there is always a wait. Next we went on “Living with the Land” which showcases many of the hydroponics farms that Disney has at EPCOT. We have many pictures from this attraction featuring the plants and vegetables grown at EPCOT.

Spaceship Earth was our next destination. This attraction is known to many as just the EPCOT ball since it is inside the hallmark feature of this theme park. It takes you through an animatronic ride through time to show how our world has progressed to where it is now showing advancements through history. We did get some great photos from this attraction as well including the animatronic of Michelangelo painting the cathedral ceiling, etc.

Back to World Showcase again as this time we got fast passes for Maelstrom in the Norway section. We then went and saw the “American Adventure” which is a show with animatronics and video / songs about the founding of this country as well as how far we have come. As we walked out Starship was playing (they had done 3 performances this date) and while we didn’t go into the concert we did get to hear them sing a few songs including “We Built This City on Rock and Roll.”

Lastly we went back to Norway and rode Maelstrom which is a boat ride that tells a bit about their culture. We did get a picture of the troll who casts a spell on you to make you go down the waterfall.

When we came out of Maelstrom it was beginning to rain and it was mobbed in World Showcase with people so we decided to head back to the resort for a late dinner. We weren’t hungry most of the day since we had our great character breakfast to start the day. It was a very busy day and according to our pedometer we had walked over 10 miles today! It will be an early to bed night....we’re tired!