EPCOT: April 17, 2012

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012 we returned to EPCOT for our second day at this theme park on this trip. There were “Extra Magic Hours” from 8 - 9 AM so we arrived shortly after 8 AM. It was nice to see that they had cast members in front of the park checking for valid room keys before allowing guests to enter the park.

Our first stop was “Soarin’” where we got a fast pass which was for 11:05 AM. After getting the Fastpass we rode “Living with the Land” where we had no wait at all. We then left “The Land” and went to “Mouse Gears,” our favorite store in all of Walt Disney World, and did some shopping. Many of the counter service restaurants are giving coupons for 20% off merchandise if you purchase before 12:00 PM. Among the participating gift shops was Mouse Gears which is why we went at this time and the store was almost empty (which is probably why they are offering discounts at that time of day).

After shopping we looked at the topiaries once again as they are truly breathtaking. Next we went on “Journey into Imagination with Figment” after which it was time for us to return to “Soarin’” to use our Fastpasses. I wasn’t as happy with my experience on “Soarin’” this time as I couldn’t smell the pine or orange scents they spray when flying over the forest and orange grove. After coming off “Soarin’” we went over and got another Fastpass for the ride, this time it was for 5:05 PM.

World Showcase was our next destination and as we entered, Duffy the Disney Bear, was out and so we decided to stop and have our picture taken with Duffy. The picture came out terrific and the cast member used my camera to take the picture which I was happy with and then she gave each of us one of the Duffy stickers!

We then went into the Norway section of “World Showcase” and rode Maelstrom which is always fun. Our seats were in the first row of the boat this time which was neat. It was then time for lunch and we ate in the counter service restaurant in the American section. There was some time before the next showing of “The American Experience” so we looked at more of the topiaries and did some window shopping in “World Showcase.” The singing group, “Voices of Liberty” were performing inside the theater for “The American Experience” and they are always great to listen to as they have amazing voices. We then saw “The American Experience” which, to me, is one of the most moving shows in all of Walt Disney World.

After walking around the rest of “World Showcase” we headed back to “Future World” and went to “Club Cool” and tried some of the sodas again after which we grabbed ice cream sundaes using our snack option of the dining plan. Still having some time before “Soarin’” we saw “Captain EO” again as it is always a great show to see. It was then time for “Soarin’” and this time I could clearly smell the aromas they use so I’m not sure if it was just my sinuses acting up the first time or it was because I was on the complete opposite side of the theater for the second ride but it was a great time.

Being tired, we headed back to the resort for a short time before heading to “The Polynesian” where we had dinner at “Ohana”. The food is terrific and we were so full afterwards. They start you off with pineapple bread, then salad with a honey flavored dressing. Next up was broccoli and noodles followed by barbecued chicken and dumplings. They then bring out skewers with meat: chicken, steak, and shrimp. To finish the meal off they bring you a bread pudding with ice cream with a side bowl of vanilla ice cream. It was delicious!