EPCOT & Hollywood Studios October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012 had a later start to it for us than any other day. We have accomplished a lot so far, in the days leading up to today, so we decided to sleep in a little bit. We started our day at EPCOT and finished up shopping by going to the German and British pavilions of World Showcase as well as some window shopping in some other areas. We had an earlier lunch at Le Celier, the Canadian steakhouse. It was a given that we had steak and chocolate mousse for dessert. The mousse is garnished to look like a moose.

Hollywood Studios was our next stop as we had some things we didn’t get to the other day when we were there. Our first stop was to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular where I, once again, utilized the rapid fire control on my camera to capture pictures of this fast moving stunt show. From there, we re-rode the Great Movie Ride capturing some nice photos that we didn’t get our last time on the ride as I was on the opposite side of the car. Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage was next and we sat toward the front of the auditorium which also enabled me to get some great shots with the camera.

Disney Channel Rocks came out and played in front of the sorcerer’s hat when we were on our way to the American Idol Experience. We stayed for the presentation which is very much like its earlier counterparts which were High School Musical based.

The 5:00 PM American Idol Experience was a good presentation as it featured three young ladies all of whom had good voices. The third contestant sang “Alone” and did a phenomenal job and she ended up making it to the finale show of the night.

While waiting for the 6:00 PM showing of the Little Mermaid, we went back to and walked through the Animation Courtyard. After the showing of the Little Mermaid we went back through the Animation Courtyard and saw one of the behind the scenes of animation movies which was very good.