Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studio: April 19, 2012

Thursday, April 19th was our last full day at Walt Disney World and we started our day off at the Magic Kingdom. The first thing we did was get a Fastpass for “Peter Pan’s Flight” and it gives you a Fastpass for “Mickey’s Philharmagic” as well. Since it was early in the day, we didn’t have a long wait for the return time but while we waited we walked over to the area of the new Fantasyland that has been opened including the Goofy themed roller coaster for kids and the new Dumbo ride. They also opened the railroad stop in Fantasyland once again.

“Mickey’s Philharmagic”, the 3D movie about how Donald loses Mickey’s hat which Mickey uses to conduct magical musical instruments, was fun as always. We then rode my favorite ride, “Peter Pan’s Flight” which moves too fast for me to get great pictures but I did get some thanks to the rapid shot camera. We had also acquired Fastpasses to the Winnie the Pooh ride and while waiting went on the Snow White ride which is very dark and I couldn’t get pictures to turn out in. Winnie the Pooh moves fast but I did get some decent shots.

“The Haunted Mansion” was our next stop after Winnie the Pooh as we had to get on this ride one last time on this trip. We then got an early lunch at Pecos Bill’s since at the time “The County Bears Jamboree” was down due to “technical difficulties”. After lunch we went up Main Street USA and got more of the trading cards although we didn’t have time to play the game this day but figured we could use the cards on our next trip. We then rode the rail road around the entire magic kingdom and then got off in Frontierland again. Country Bears was now up and so we went to this show as we hadn’t seen it the last few trips. We had great seats and I got some pretty good pictures. On our way to the Country Bears I stopped to take a picture of the Orange Bird picture on the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Next up was the “Hall of Presidents” which is always a great to see and I got some nice pictures with the rapid shot camera in low light. We then decided to head back to the resort before dinner and on our way out of the Magic Kingdom we caught the stage show that was performed in front of the castle. I was biased because Peter Pan was in it!

After a quick rest we headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we had dinner reservations at Mama Melrose’s including the Fantasmic dinner package. As we left our resort it was pouring rain--thank goodness for rain gear but we were still pretty wet when we got to Mama Melrose. I had a very good chicken parmigiana. When we left the restaurant the sun was shining but it was drizzling off and on. We went to Star Tours, of course, since it is one of my favorites but I was disappointed in that the sequence I saw was identical to the one I saw the other day except it was Darth Vader in the beginning. But it was the Tattoine pod race, Princess Leia, and Coruscant again. Oh well.

Still having time we went on the “Great Movie Ride”, another classic and then watched the “Disney Channel Rocks” show in the center of Hollywood Studios. After some window shopping, we went and lined up for Fantasmic. The show began at 8:30 PM but people were going in at 7:15 PM so we went as well. What irked me was we had reserved seats since we had the dining package but people who didn’t have the package snuck into the reserved seating. Some got caught and were told to leave but others got away with it. But more frustrating was at 7:50 PM they took down the rope for our section and made it general seating. What was the point of reserved seating if you were going to change it up at the end? Something new since I was at Fantasmic last was they had a pre-show which was basically two cast members playing games with the audience to pass the time until the show starts. And while I had a great time I get irritated during Fantasmic when people are walking around during the show in the rows, thus blocking your view and the fact that people always leave when the steam boat comes through with the Disney characters near the end. I want to shout, “It’s Not Over!” but there is a mass exodus at that time and it ruins the view for the rest of us who actually want to see it until the end. Oh well, it was still a nice time.

Well this concludes my Disney Vacation. Our flight departs tomorrow, Friday, at 11:45 AM so we will be leaving the resort fairly early. Thanks for letting me share my adventures with all of you. We will be coming back in October!