October 7 2014: Ohana & Animal Kingdom

Our Tuesday morning started as a somewhat cloudy but nice day. We had breakfast reservations at Ohana which is at the Polynesian Resort. This is a character breakfast that features Lilo, Stitch, Mickey in a Hawaiian shirt and Pluto.

To get to the Polynesian resort we took the bus from Saratoga Springs (which was standing room only) to Magic Kingdom. From there we took the monorail (red) to the Polynesian. We gave ourselves plenty of time due to the amount of travel and we made good time.

Although we got to Ohana early, we still had a bit of a wait until we were seated. They didn’t do the picture that they normally do as you arrive, likely due to the construction. Instead there was a photographer that came around with Stitch which was honestly better. The food was great as always and we saw Lilo, Stitch, Mickey Mouse in his Hawaiian shirt and Pluto.

Next we went to Animal Kingdom which also has construction going on. We first had to get our bearings as there is a wall up and it was a bit confusing for me. We then did the meet & greet / photo with Dug and Russell from Up. Their area is now much smaller due to the construction but I did get Dug to bring out his squirrel.

We then used our fast pass for Festival of the Lion King in the new Harambe Theater which is right next to Tusker House restaurant. The show was good but I was disappointed they didn’t have the overhead act during “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. I asked a cast member and she said it was not in just for today with no reason given.

We then did photos with Baloo and King Louie who are fun as always. I said Winnie the Who to them and got them to laugh. Using a fast pass we saw It’s Tough To Be A Bug although standby was only a 5 minute wait.

Dinoland USA was our next stop as we met Daisy Duck. Daisy is in the spot where Winnie the Pooh and Tigger used to be. I thought she might be in a safari outfit but she was in her standard outfit. Next up was Donald Duck picture with him in his safari outfit.

Donald Duck saw my small plush Donald on my backpack and loved it. He began playing with it which was really cool. We then went over and got pictures with Goofy and Pluto. I was wearing my 2014 Pennsylvania Star Wars Collectors Society shirt and Goofy saw it and went into Darth Goofy mode. He kept mentioning like he was force choking Pluto. Pluto curled his ears up so he looked like Princess Leia and then he acted like he was being choked. It was hysterical!

We then used our fast pass to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari which was great. It has been several years since we did this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We saw white rhinos including two who blocked the road for a while and caused our truck to have to wait. We also saw Giraffe, Elephants, Warthog, and Flamingoes.

After the safari we went to Rafiki’s Planet Watch area. First we met Chip and Dale. There was a cast member playing a guitar by them and Dale motioned for him to play a song. The guitar player started singing a song about how Chip was demoted and it was now Dale and Chip instead of Chip and Dale. This was as I was walking up so I hugged Chip and told him he could come home with me and live in the walnut tree I have. With that Chip took my hand and started walking out with me. The guitar player asked my name and I have him the formal Jason so he started singing Jason and Chip. The guitar player then announced that a Jason and Chip cartoon would be out soon! Chip and I returned and I had my picture with the two of them! Another piece of Disney Magic on this trip.

Rafiki was our next character find and then we went to Mickey and Minnie. When they saw my Star Wars shirt they began to lightsaber duel! As I was getting my picture I asked when Mickey was going to finally propose. Minnie held up her ring finger and waived it at Mickey who put his head down. The cast member said he would propose so Mickey got down on one knee and looked at Minnie. They then touched noses to kiss. Yet another piece of Disney Magic!

After some searching we finally found Pocahontas meeting spot. She was due out at 5:30 PM and had a pretty big line. When we met up with her she was very nice and talked about Meeko and her adventures with him. By the time we were finished with Pocahontas we were pretty tired and the park was closing.

We made our way back to Saratoga Springs and got something to drink and dinner. I had planned to head to Magic Kingdom as it was open until 11 PM but I was just way too tired. The long stretch of a day on Sunday was still wearing on me and since we had a late day planned for Wednesday and Thursday I figured an early night would be best. For dinner I had a cheeseburger flatbread from the Artist Palette.